Thursday, March 25, 2010

Children's Artwork from Vladikavkaz, Russia

"Me and My Family"
Children's Artwork from Vladikavkaz, Russia
Friday, April 2, 5-8 p.m.
Downtown Asheville Artwalk

Vadim Bora Gallery & Studio will show 120 paintings and drawings from art school students from Asheville's Sister City of Vladikavkaz and its environs of Beslan and Oktyabrskoye. In the exhibition "Me and My Family," a continuation of a program by Sister Cities International, young art students (ages 6-14) show their talents and interpretation of this subject. This is an exhibition for the entire family, the proceeds of which will go to purchase art supplies for the four schools participating:
Vladikavaz Lycee of Art
Tavasiev Children's Art School of Vladikavkaz
Children's Art School of Beslan
Children's Art School of Oktyabrskoye

In exchange, Vadim Bora Gallery hopes to send the artworks of students from schools in Asheville, North Carolina to Russia.